ERF - Export Registry Form

Please note that from January 26th 2015, a new customs clearance procedure within the turkish customs system was introduced.

To comply with the new Turkish regulation, all Italian suppliers of leather (finished products, semi-finished products, leather goods, accessories, etc.) must fill a form in, called ERF (Export Registry Form) which form, when completed, should be approved by the Chamber of Commerce concerned and by the offices of the Consulate.

In order to respect the regulation, in force since January 26, the form must be sent directly to your consignees as quickly as possible.

We also inform our kind clientele that, to completion of the new Turkish customs regulation, controls of materials once they arrive at the destination customs by officials of ITKIB (organization responsible for the control of textile materials and now also of leather) will be introduced.

In this regard, we are already able to anticipate, thanks to the experience gained over the years, that further checks of the goods by the institute ITKIB, will lead to longer customs clearance times compared to the current ones.

For further information you may require, do not hesitate to contact our sales and operational offices.