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Scortrans has always been respectful towards the environment around us, among the concrete actions we include the construction of a brand-new photovoltaic system in our main headquarters in Altavilla Vicentina. Deciding to make this step means producing clean and inexhaustible energy that would otherwise have been generated from highly polluting fossil sources.

The benefit is double: on the one hand, resources that have limited availability are not exhausted, on the other, pollutant emissions for energy production are reduced. In fact, solar energy, in addition to being inexhaustible and boasting an availability greater than the entire world requirement, allows for a reduction in Co2 emissions which are harmful to humans and the environment. For every kWh produced by photovoltaics, 700g of polluting emissions are avoided, the main cause of global warming and air pollution.


To date...

6576 tons

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Standard coal saved

- 7809 tons

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of CO2 emitted


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Equivalent trees planted


Scortrans is always more environmentally conscious and the first step for environmental protection is to reduce our consumption and wastefulness of resources. According to this purpose, we have changed our old lights with some new and made in Italy LED lights.

Following the lighting engineering studies carried out by Eureka srl ​​in collaboration with Dolomiti Energia srl, the lighting points of the Altavilla Vicentina (VI) headquarters and the Montecchio Maggiore (VI) warehouse were completely replaced for a renovation of all the environments used for office and logistics as well as external loading and maneuvering spaces.

There is now a new 100% "green light" because it comes from energy produced exclusively from renewable sources, thus contributing to the respect and enhancement of the environment in which we live.

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6,886 square meter and 400 spot lights
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+18% of light in each area
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Reduced power from 48.3kw to 18.3kw

Our contribute to the environment

The optimization of the use of electric energy and the consequent reduce of the consumptions will lead in the next 10 years to the following saving

Ambiente image

329unused oil barrels

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1.396.200 km not traveled by a car

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209,5 tons of Co2 avoided

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