Sea shipments

We sail even against the current

The Overseas sector creates synergies within a worldwide network that shares knowledge, know-how and the high level of quality at which Scortrans has always aimed, providing the opportunity to realize both sea and air shipments from and to Italy to all locations of the world. Our competence and the added value of consultancy, customs, consular and banking documentation allows us to offer a service that makes the shipments of our customers easier and more transparent both for shipments of normal routine and for detailed and niche shipments.

What really sets us apart in a competitive world is the continuous support that our staff dedicates to our customers.

Scortrans offers weekly departures for groupage containers (LCL) and Full (FCL) to / from the main traffic areas (strong presence in Outside East, North and South America, Australia, Europe) and in general to / from all over the world.
It manages "cross trading" shipments with door-to-door service.


Sea shipments

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