New light in Scortrans

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Scortrans is always more environmentally conscious and the first step for environmental protection is to reduce our consumption and wastefulness of resources. According to this purpose, we have changed our old lights with some new and made in Italy LED lights.

Dolimiti Energia SpA and Eureka srl  have helped us with this renovation process in our headquarter in Altavilla and in our depot in Montecchio Maggiore. We have changed all our spot lights in the offices and also in the outdoor spaces in the maneuver and load area.

Now we have a new “100% green” lights system because it is produced only from renewable resources. In this way also Scortrans contributes to the respect and enhancement of the surrounding environment. Our contribute to the environment.


Our Improvements

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Our contribute to the environment

The optimization of the use of electric energy and the consequent reduce of the consumptions will lead in the next 10 years to the following saving:


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